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Sharing is Caring

Hey everyone! I don’t have a list of 13 planned out for today, so I decided to try something new for today. This may become a more common occurrence if I have enough positive response. What is ‘this’ you ask? Well, keep reading!

I’ve decided that on days where I find myself unprepared or uninterested in the daily post, I’m going to share a fun fact about myself. This could be my writing self, something about myself in general or just something random I have discovered about life/writing. The point of this is to get other people to share with me. I know I have quite a few followers but I don’t really know who my followers are. With this, I hope to gain a bit of information about you, while you all learn a little more about the person behind the blog.


So let’s get started:


I have been writing short stories and novels since I was 10. I’ve been creating stories since I could speak. I began writing poetry when I was a junior in High School. As a junior in college, I have recently begun to write creative non-fiction. My life would seem very strange and empty without any sort of writing.


Now it’s your turn. When did you start writing? Can you imagine life without it?


Regressing Progression

It’s Monday, so I’m feeding you an excerpt! Today I’m pulling from a piece I wrote as part of a contest. We were given a handful of prompts and told to use one (or as many as we could) in our piece. I ended up using 4 out of the 5 or 6 prompts. Here it is!


If you were a banana, I’d be a starving gorilla.

I can still taste you on my lips from our last kiss. If I smell the sheets, your sweat fills my senses and sends me spiraling back into the blissful union from the night before. Your t shirt that I am wearing still holds the smell of your deodorant. It is like a balm to my aching heart while you are away. Sometimes I wonder if I should sleep all day so I can spend every minute possible with you when you come home from work. So I can stay up all night and watch you as you sleep.

Someone to cling to means never having to say ‘Prozac’.

I love the feeling of safety when you wrap your arms around me. The way my arms don’t fully reach around your muscular chest always  gets my heart rate up. I love the feel of your hand running through my hair as you brush it away from my face right before you bless me with the gift of one of your kisses. You keep me alive, sane. I’ve never felt so wonderful.


Hooked? You can read the rest of this story at my deviantART account. Please let me know what you think! I’ve been contemplating doing more pieces similar to this.

Fast Fiction Friday

It’s Fast Fiction Friday!!

Today’s TripleF is a little shorter than usual (and less fictional than usual), but I like it.


It started because you were jealous; your best friend had one and you wanted to know what it was like. You stood in the store, staring at all the choices. The colors and sizes almost overwhelmed you. You started asking yourself questions that you had a dozen different answers to. Could you choose just one? Were you ready to have more than one, or should you just see how you like having one, first? How did your friend keep track of all the different ones she had accumulated over the years?

At last you decide on six different ones. They’re all different sizes, shapes and colors, but you think they will work well together. A strange giddiness fills you as the woman at the register hands you the bag with your bounty inside.

Once home, you add them to their new home one-by-one. Each one takes a minute or two to settle in, but soon the tank is alive with color and motion. You are a fish owner, you realize with a smile.

Now… let’s see how long you can keep them alive…




I ask that if you join me for Fast Fiction Fridays, you share with me. In the comment section, post the link to wherever your piece of writing can be found(deviantART, writing forums, your own blog, etc.) If you do not have anywhere online to post the writing, you are welcome to either use the comment section to place your story, or email me at: FantasieAutor@gmail.com with either an attachment or the story as the body of the email.

Character Creation

It’s been a while since I’ve done any sort of post that is both informative and inquiring. I’ve done posts in the past about things like: The ‘best’ time of day for writing, influences on writing style, procrastination, and weather influenced writing. I’m going to try to do more posts about various things I know many authors have trouble with. My goal is to give ideas on these things, while at the same time (hopefully) getting some ideas myself.

With that said: Today, we’re going to talk about Character Creation.

One of the topics I discuss with a lot of fellow writers is how best to create characters. There really is no “right” or “wrong” way to go about it; every writer is different and therefore, the style varies from person to person. But when it comes to character creation, there are very limited ways to do this. Occasionally, writers don’t have a choice; the characters create themselves and develop as the story goes. That’s all there is to it. Other times, there is a long process that sometimes takes much longer than we writers anticipated.

Personally, my character creation varies. The characters create themselves for the most part, but once they come to life in my mind, I sit down and figure out all the minor details. Age, appearance, important facts from their past, goals, fears, likes/dislikes. Most of the time this is all for my own personal reference; a character who likes the outdoors is going to end up with a job that allows them to work outside, etc. Sometimes the details become important to the story, but for the most part it doesn’t.

I’ve heard of some authors creating something similar to a biography for each of their characters. While this is interesting, it also takes up a large amount of time that could be dedicated to writing the story said characters are in. Other people jot down little bits of info here and there, but really don’t delve too deeply into the characters; they are the writers who pay more attention to detail than anything else. Some start with a name, then work from there. Others write a scene with the character, then figure out all the details that would account for the character’s actions.

One of the most helpful tools for writers who have difficulty with character creation is a Character Outline. There are many type available all over the internet created by and for other writers. Here are some other outlines you can use: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3. I actually have used all four of these in the past and have found them very useful. If you find that none of them seem to work for you, you can create your own or do an internet search for one that better fits.

Characters are some of the most important aspects of any story. Knowing your character better is not only helpful to you, but it is helpful to the story. With more knowledge of your character, you will be able to put them into several different situations and be able to have them react according to their personalities or past experiences that may have influenced the way they live. This also gives the readers a much clearer view of the characters they will be spending hours getting to know.

How do you develop characters? Do you use an outline, or do you just write and hope the character reveals enough through the story? What other ways have you seen/heard of when it comes to developing characters? Leave your responses in the comments! Thanks for reading =D

Thursday Thirteen

I’m still sticking with my theme, so this week’s thirteen is a list of my favorite Halloween treats!


1.) Mary Janes (the ones wrapped in orange and black)

2.) Pumpkin Lollipops (The plain orange ones with the white face printed on them. They ‘tattoo’ your tongue.)

3.) Popcorn balls

4.) Popcorn hands

5.) Candy corn (The original kind!)

6.) Mellocreme Pumpkins

7.) Candy/Caramel Apples

8.) Gummy body parts

9.) ‘Eye balls’ (Grapes, peeled)

10.) Creepy Punch (punch with ‘body parts’ floating in it)

11.) Radioactive Slime (Sprite with sherbet in it)

12.) Homemade Fudge (When I was little, we always went to ‘The Fudge Lady’ trick-or-treating. She made homemade fudge to give out to all the kids. It was the best! RIP Fudge Lady <3)

13.) Homemade Pumpkin seeds (Gotta love taking the seeds from carving the pumpkin, washing them, drying them, then roasting them in the oven with a ton of salt!)



Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to check out other Thursday13 posts, as well!

Fun Facts 2.0

On Saturday I began a list of fun facts about writers. I abandoned it rather suddenly because my best friend from home (I rarely get to see her) stopped in for a visit. I promised that I would continue with the list today. First, I apologize for such a late post; I usually try to post my entries before noon. Today has been a very lazy day and I’ve been watching episodes from the first season of Legend of the Seeker. But, as promised, I will continue my list of facts.

This list is ‘facts’ that I have discovered on my own either by witnessing them, or by random things I find in my many voyages through the internet. These are not facts that you will find any type of ‘proof’ for if you search for them, and if there is proof I am unaware of it (which wouldn’t be all that surprising…) What I mean to say is, these are my own thoughts and creations and have not undergone any sort of scientific study or been scrutinized by a large group of ‘professionals’. They are just for fun. If you disagree with any of them, I would love to hear what you have to say. If you agree with any of them, feel free to comment too. Or, if you have some of your own to add, do that too!


  • Ever heard of, or even played the game Dungeons and Dragons? A lot of players are also fantastic writers. DnD is a great way for a writer to get a character (and their story) out of their head in a way that doesn’t require starting up yet another story. Don’t believe me? Give it a try! (I recommend version 3.5)
  • While every writer is their own person and has their own style, a close look at their work will reveal who their influencing authors are. I personally find that my style of writing changes depending on the book I am reading. It’s all my own work, but the influence is still there.
  • Some writers can make stories out of almost anything. Ever sit and watch a cat and wonder what they were thinking? Or look at your dad’s old jacket and think ‘The things that jacket has seen…’ Well there are people out there who would think those things, then instantly turn them into a story.
  • Get a group of writers in one room and, no matter what the topic, it will always turn to what they are writing currently.
  • Not all great writers are poets or fiction writers. Some of the best writers I know show their talent through essays, speeches, screen-plays and non-fiction.
  • Every published author had one or more people in their lives tell them they wouldn’t make it. That their writing would never get published, or become popular. If you’re trying to get published, don’t listen to those people. But keep them in mind; it’ll be fun to send them a copy of you published work with a note that says “Eat it.”
I really thought I had more than this… Oh well. I gave you a total of ten ‘facts’ between Saturday’s post and today. As I said earlier, any comments or added facts you have feel free to leave them! And thanks for reading!

Thursday Thirteen

This week’s Thursday13 is themed after my birthday… which is today 🙂


Thirteen things I wish I could have on my birthday (realistic and non-realistic)

1.) A job

2.) Money (at least enough to pay off all my debts)

3.) A car

4.) My license

5.) A trip in the TARDIS

6.) A hug from my dad

7.) A visit from the casts of my favorite shows (Supernatural, Doctor Who, Torchwood, House, Ghost Hunters….)

8.) Money (Enough to just buy a ton of junk with!)

9.) All the stuff I lost in the storage mishap

10.) A party. Like a legit birthday party that someone else plans for me.

11.) A phone call from my favorite actor

12.) All of the shows I love on DVD

13.) My dream car: 1969 Firebird