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Apparently Life Isn’t Going to Play Nice

So… I was all set to get this blog up and running full force again. Then my scheduler thing mucked up and didn’t post for two weeks and then life decided it was going to screw up on me again. I’m afraid I’m going to have to put this blog on hiatus, yet again. I’m not sure how long, or if I will even be able to get it back up and running. I thought I would be able to balance everything, but I was very wrong. I hope I don’t disappoint too many people with this. You are always welcome to keep an eye on my writing via deviantART. I will occasionally post briefly to keep you all informed about what may or may not be happening with this blog.

Thank you all so much for all of your support and feedback. I appreciate it all and I will hopefully be able to get back to this blog in the semi-near future.

Lots of love to you all,




Writing, for most writers, is a part of the being. A part of the soul. There is no removing writing from a writer’s life because it is part of who they are. Every experience in a day can trigger some of the best stories, poems or novel ideas. We may choose to use them or push them aside into that folder in our mind we have labeled “For later use”.  There is very little that doesn’t remind us of our passion.

But sometimes we want nothing to do with it.

When nothing goes right. When everything we’re working on has slammed the brakes on and refuses to ease up on them even just a little bit. We feel trapped at first, afraid of what that might mean. Then we get angry. ‘How dare that story put the breaks on! I was just getting into the flow of it!’ After the anger subsides, we slowly drift into a numbness; part of our daily life is gone for a little while. What do we do now? Then, by the time a deadline rolls around and we realize we need to get to work on the writing no matter how much it fights… we’re suddenly repulsed by the very thought of working on it.

We will procrastinate at the worst times, we writers. It doesn’t matter that we’ve got a novel to submit to our editor in a week; that trash can is full, that table needs to be washed and suddenly we have a toothbrush we don’t need anymore so let’s start washing the entire house using only that. If someone even mentions writing, we wince and pretend we didn’t hear them because we have absolutely no want to get near the writing. We are repulsed by the thought of work, of writing. Everything else that we’ve been putting off for months gets done in a matter of a week. Then, on the day before and the day of our deadline, we force ourselves to sit down and write. And we feel like it is the worst thing we’ve ever produced. As soon as we finish, we go back to avoiding it. We read books, we clean, we spend time with friends and family we will usually go out of our way to avoid using the excuse that we have writing to do.

Why does this happen?

Lately, I’ve been avoiding all types of writing possible. Homework (I get it done hours before it is due), serial stories (they’re supposed to be posted Monday/Tuesday. Guess when I write/finish them?), blog entries (see those big gaps in the week with no posts??). I don’t really know why, but the very thought of any type of writing is repulsive to me. I’m only writing this entry because I felt bad that I’ve been neglecting this so much. I’ve tried forcing other entries, but they just didn’t want to be written. I’m sure this will pass soon, and when it does I will begin posting daily once again. But please bear with my sporadic posts until I am no longer repulsed by the very thought of writing.


It’s Wednesday, so that means a prompt. I intend to share one with you, but be sure to read past the prompt for some important updates about the blog.


Here is your prompt:

Write about a time you were sick. Make it sound much worse than it really was.


If you choose to use this prompt, please be sure to share the results with me! You can leave the link to the piece in a comment, or send me an email at: FantasieAutor@gmail.com 🙂



Now here is the update I promised you:  Saturday was the last time I posted. This was not intentional at all. I had planned to get back to posting daily because I was feeling better and thought I was ready to start again. Wrong. I never actually ‘got better’. I went to the doctor yesterday only to find out that I have a sinus infection paired with some bronchitis. AND the bronchitis is causing some severe upper back, neck and shoulder pain.

The pain is the main reason for my stop in posts, again. I can sit at the computer for about 30-60 minutes tops, then I have to rest again. The 30-60 minutes varies depending on the time of day and what I need to do. Unfortunately, the time that I am on my computer must be used for school work. So, until I feel better this blog (and all of my other writing) is on hold. I’ll get back to it all as soon as I can sit upright without being in pain again. And once I’m back to myself, I promise that I will begin my daily posts again.

I believe that is all. I just wanted my readers to know that I wasn’t neglecting the blog, that there is actually a really good reason for me not to post for so long. And that I will be back to posting daily soon… I hope.




Sorry there was no excerpt yesterday. I woke up feeling terrible and feel almost as bad today. I’ve finally caught one of the cold/flu bugs that have been running through my group of friends and family. It’s got me in bed, not wanting to move or even get on the computer. But I figured I should let my readers know why I won’t be posting today and maybe tomorrow and why I didn’t post yesterday; just trying to get as much rest as possible and get rid of this cold/flu thing quickly. I’m hoping to get back to daily posts starting Thursday.


Please bear with me while I get better… thanks!

Rest In Peace, Jake

This is one of those posts I warned you about;  bad day, time to vent.

A year ago a very good friend of mine, Jake, committed suicide. He was 20 at the time. It brought back a lot of stuff about my dad. But the worst part was that he and I became very close within the couple of months before the day he died. He had become one of my very best friends. And was one of the only people who remembered it was my birthday without the help of Facebook.

My closest friends who were also friends with Jake got together and helped each other through that time. And today we are coming together to do the same thing, as well as honor Jake’s memory.


I’m sorry this post is poorly written and so short. I promise a better outcome on my next Wild Card day.


Tomorrow: Prompt!