A Writer's Objectives

About My Writing

I write such a variety of things. Sometimes I have to wonder if one person can actually have so many different types of stories in their head at once the way that I do. I then look at some of my favorite authors, like Jo Ramsey and Patricia Briggs, and realize I’m not alone.

My writing ranges from poetry, to fantasy, to erotica, to Historical fiction. I also write quite a bit of Fanfiction, one reaching 100 chapters and maxing out at about 1734 pages in word documents. I write/attempt to write various novels, but have a very large selection of short stories.

If anyone wishes to read any of my writing, I will post excerpts on this blog. I also have added a link to my DeviantArt account in my blogroll. A large chunk of my poetry and short stories are included on that account and from there, you will be able to find my fanfiction account.

I’m always open to suggestions for short stories. The well does run dry now and again, so never hesitate to message me and say “Hey Raina, why don’t you write about___?”


Ink runs through my veins. Writing is my soul.


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