A Writer's Objectives

Sharing is Caring

Hey everyone! I don’t have a list of 13 planned out for today, so I decided to try something new for today. This may become a more common occurrence if I have enough positive response. What is ‘this’ you ask? Well, keep reading!

I’ve decided that on days where I find myself unprepared or uninterested in the daily post, I’m going to share a fun fact about myself. This could be my writing self, something about myself in general or just something random I have discovered about life/writing. The point of this is to get other people to share with me. I know I have quite a few followers but I don’t really know who my followers are. With this, I hope to gain a bit of information about you, while you all learn a little more about the person behind the blog.


So let’s get started:


I have been writing short stories and novels since I was 10. I’ve been creating stories since I could speak. I began writing poetry when I was a junior in High School. As a junior in college, I have recently begun to write creative non-fiction. My life would seem very strange and empty without any sort of writing.


Now it’s your turn. When did you start writing? Can you imagine life without it?


Comments on: "Sharing is Caring" (1)

  1. Hmmm, I don’t know how to pinpoint exactly WHEN I started writing. The first time I seriously sat down and started writing a story that I at least /intended/ to finish was… um… many years ago. I think I was 12? 11? 10? Some early age like that. @–@
    It was total crap, but I wrote like 25 pages, man. Handwritten, though, so more like… 13 typed? Maybe 15.
    The first story I /finished/ was written in about 8th or 9th grade. It was also crap, but I still kind of have a special place in my heart for the concept and characters, hahah. d:
    Then I kind of fell back into just writing little short fanfiction drabbles and bits of stories. A couple slightly longer bits of stories… I dunno. Not a whole lot overall, and none of the longer stuff was finished.
    And then NaNoWriMo happened and BAM now I am a srs bzns writer. Booyah. xD

    And now… really I can’t imagine what my life would be like without writing. It’s become SUCH a wonderful and therapeutic way of figuring out my thoughts which can be so confusing whilst inside my head. And I’ve gotten so dearly attached to my beloved characters; it makes me sad to even think of not being able to “talk” with them whenever I’m bored and alone/lonely. D:
    So yep, writing’s changed my life pretty majorly in the last one and a half years especially. And I love it. 😀

    *trundles off pretending she’s not procrastinating by writing this comment*

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