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Thursday Thirteen

It’s been a very very long time since I have done a list of thirteen for ya’ll. This week, my list is 13 things I love about my life. Things have been a little stressful lately, so I’ve decided that I need to start looking at things in a more positive light than I have been. These things are not listed in any particular order. The more important ones tend to be more difficult to verbalize so they may be further down the list. I’m also just very random in my thought process, so I just add things as they pop into my mind. So, without further delay, here is my list of thirteen:


Things I love about my life:

1) My family. I don’t get to see them very often, but every time I do I remember why I love them so very much. And so many of them keep in touch with me through either facebook or texting. It’s always wonderful to get a message from someone just checking in to see how I am doing. I am blessed with a giant, crazy, loving family.

2) My friends/Chosen Family. Without these people, my life would be very dull. I’ve recently become very picky about my friends, but those that have managed to stick by my side through thick and thin, and those that have recently become major parts of my life are very important to me. They are the brothers and sisters I never had. They are the strength that keeps me standing when I can’t be with my actual family. They are what keeps me going and keeps me from going insane.

3) My pets. It sounds silly, but I have two cats, a hamster and a whole bunch of fish. When I am stressed or sick they cheer me up. My cats have been the only solid point in my life several times over the last couple of years. I would be devastated to lose them or any of my other pets. They give me a kind of strength and love that only pets can offer.

4) My writing. Despite its random hiatus recently, my writing is one thing that keeps me sane. It is a filter through which I sift my emotions. I can (almost) always rely on it to be there when I need it to. And it gives me hours of entertainment at any given moment.

5) My books. In the same way that my writing helps me deal with real life, my books help me escape to fantasy worlds and far from real life. When writing, I can occasionally do the same. But it is different with a book because I’m not (usually) constantly pausing to fix a spelling or grammar mistake or to fix a sentence. In books, I lose who I am completely and become part of another world entirely until I am ready to emerge and face my own life again.

6) My apartment. I could very well be without this. Money is more than a little tight these days, and it rarely gets any better. My landlord is amazing and understands my struggles and works with me. And, while I sometimes hate this place, my apartment is the first place I have been able to call ‘home’ in a while and truly feel that I mean it. Here, I can escape from the outside world. Here, I do my best writing and exploring through books. Here, the best times are had. Here, I am safe.

7) Supernatural. It seems silly adding a television show to a list of things I love about my life, but it is true. This is a show that I have become fully immersed within. Not only the episodes, but the fandom as well. And what a fandom it is. There are some fairly amazing things that the Supernatural Family has accomplished and still hasn’t failed to shock me. I am proud to be a part of it.

8) My Online Friends. Just as the friends I see in person, the people I talk to online have become a sort of family to me as well. With them I know I can discuss things that I might not be able to talk to people around me about. They give me advice as someone who has  bias towards one side or another of a situation. And they are always willing to let me vent. On top of that, my online friends have become a bit of a community, a family, on their own. They are all pretty much connected in one way or another and I am so glad for that.

9) My Mother. This woman has been through Hell and back with me and on her own. She lost herself for a while, but has recently bounced back pretty thoroughly. She’s beautiful, loving and strong. She has taught me what it means to love with everything you have, but also how dangerous that can be to yourself. She is the person I turn to for advice, the one I look to for support above all others. She is my mother and I am proud to say so.

10) Gaming. Another silly thing. But gaming helps me deal with my emotions sometimes; if I am angry, there is nothing better than shooting some virtual aliens in the head. Gaming helps with my creativity, too. See, sometimes I have characters form, but don’t have a story to go with them. Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) helps with that problem. And gaming isn’t always about helping me with problems; it’s fun, too. And sometimes I need fun more than anything because I forget what fun is.

11) My health. While I get sick an awful lot (more than most people I know), I am still very much alive and strong. Recent events have shocked me into realization that there are people in the world (even people I know and love) who don’t get very lucky with the health card. People younger than I am are fighting life-threatening diseases or health problems while I’m battling a simple cold. While my thoughts and prayers go out to them, and I do everything I can to let them know I care… I also thank whatever higher being there may be that the worst I get is Bronchitis and a sinus infection tag teaming me.

12) My imagination. I suppose this kind of goes hand-in-hand with my writing (and gaming) but it can also stand on its own. Ever since I was really young my imagination has been more active than most children. I always had a few imaginary friends to hang out with (even into my teens) and while I thought that I was insane for doing so, I still loved it. My imagination allows me to fall deep into books and explore the world side-by-side with the main characters. It allows me to create worlds and characters for others to discover. It allows me to see and feel everything the character I am playing in a performance sees and feels. Without my imagination, I fear I would go completely mad.

13) Myself. This might sound a little vain; I love myself. But it’s true, despite what I might say sometimes. It’s important to admit you love yourself once in a while, and showing confidence in yourself helps others feel more confident around you. And besides, without me I wouldn’t have my life or all the other amazing things I’ve listed. So I guess loving me isn’t so vain after all.


Thursday Thirteen is not something I have created on my own. There is a large community of bloggers who participate in this and they can all be found on the Thursday13 main page. Please take time to view other Thursday Thirteen posts!


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