A Writer's Objectives

Hello! *Shy wave* I know, I was supposed to have this blog up an running again. Two weeks ago. It wasn’t my fault this time… fully. I sprained my hand, so typing became very difficult. That lasted about a week (though I still have my days). Then I chose to focus on another blog as a dear friend fights a life-threatening tumor in her stomach. I’ve been so focused on getting word out to the fandom she and I are both part of that every other part of my life has been neglected.

But she is stable, now, and life is getting a little better. I also have my writing mojo back, which is helpful.

Today’s post is one of many, this I swear. It’s Monday, so I am sharing an excerpt from a short story. The story is titled ‘Death Inside’ and it is based on a young man who makes a living as an assassin. His dear friend (and perhaps love interest) calls him, in danger, and he rushes to her rescue. The piece I am sharing is an interaction between the two characters. The rest of the story is marked ‘Mature’ for the guns, violence and language. If you would like to read the entire story, you will need an account on deviantART.

Without further ado, here is an excerpt from my short story ‘Death Inside’:


Without needing a light, I crouched in the darkness and reached ahead of me, feeling the panel of wall behind the few buckets, mops and vacuum. At last my finger traced over the oh so subtle protruding knot. I pressed it. A square of light lit the closet, and I quickly and quietly maneuvered around the cleaning supplies and ducked into the opening in the wall. I slid my palm along the trigger that closed the panel as I continued down the small passageway I had entered into.

As I reached the last few feet of the passage, I paused, listening to any sounds beyond. I heard nothing, but that didn’t have to mean that Allie wasn’t there. She was quite skilled at keeping quiet in circumstances such as this. I cleared my throat softly and tapped lightly on the wall of the panel three times. I heard a release of breath and shuffling ahead of me.

“Jaden, quickly.” She hissed. I crawled the rest of the way through the passage and entered into a small room lined with shelves. Every shelf was loaded with either some sort of canned food, bottled drink or, not surprisingly, various types of weapons. The single cot against the far wall was empty, but had clearly had someone sitting on it from the indent I could see still slowly working its way out of the material. I glanced to my left to find a pair of disturbingly light gray eyes watching me. I sighed with relief and quickly engulfed Allie in a tight hug.

“I’m so sorry,” I said softly against her hair. The blond was starting to grow out and reveal her dark brown roots. I kissed the roots and then pushed her gently back at arms length. She gave me a lopsided smile.

“Jaden, I’m fine. I just can’t take them on my own.” She said softly. I shrugged, knowing the truth but having to have seen it for myself.

“We’ll have to get out of here, soon.” I said quietly, crossing the room to inspect the weapons she had scattered about.

“They won’t find us, and we will know when they leave. Geare will go to your place to look for me.” I met her knowing gaze. “I guess you were right about hiding it elsewhere.”

“When will you learn that I am always right?” I wondered before turning back to the weapons shelf.

“It’s debatable,” she said quietly and I could feel those near-white eyes watching me closely. “You told me they wouldn’t come after me.”



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