A Writer's Objectives


As promised, here is my Monday post! This is a poem I wrote not too long ago. It’s a mix of humor and emotion.


I’m so sick of feet.

I’ve always wondered why

I have an aversion to feet;

Not the smell, or shape.

Looking at them

doesn’t bother me.

But if they touch me?

It’s like a spider walked

across my exposed flesh.

I jump, shudder.

I might even gag,

a little.

It’s a response

I never understood.

Until now.

So tread lightly;

I’m done being

a doormat.


I may not have a post for tomorrow (Tuesday) but I will for Wednesday. I injured my hand this weekend, so typing is difficult. But short posts I can manage. Tuesday posts are rarely short, however, so I believe I will skip it. Have a wonderful Monday night!


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