A Writer's Objectives

Slacking and Life

I’m really bad at this whole blogging thing…

So my life, directly after saying I was going to start posting daily again, became a nightmare! I was so busy and stressed and overwhelmed. I also, about the time things went nuts on me, lost my writing mojo. In other words, very little (if any) writing has been happening. I pretty much failed my first class since September. And I had too many personal problems happen all at once.

But all of that is over with… well, most of it.

I still don’t really have my writing mojo back. But I recognized I was letting my responsibility to my readers fail and that that wasn’t fair. My last blog entry was February 19th, which is not really okay with me. So, I’ve decided, that starting Monday I will be posting daily again NO MATTER WHAT. I’m sick of letting my lack of writing mojo dictate my life. If it won’t come back to me on its own, I’ll make it come back.

I am a writer, and I will write.


So, keep an eye out for daily posts starting Monday, March 5th. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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