A Writer's Objectives

Regressing Progression

It’s Monday, so I’m feeding you an excerpt! Today I’m pulling from a piece I wrote as part of a contest. We were given a handful of prompts and told to use one (or as many as we could) in our piece. I ended up using 4 out of the 5 or 6 prompts. Here it is!


If you were a banana, I’d be a starving gorilla.

I can still taste you on my lips from our last kiss. If I smell the sheets, your sweat fills my senses and sends me spiraling back into the blissful union from the night before. Your t shirt that I am wearing still holds the smell of your deodorant. It is like a balm to my aching heart while you are away. Sometimes I wonder if I should sleep all day so I can spend every minute possible with you when you come home from work. So I can stay up all night and watch you as you sleep.

Someone to cling to means never having to say ‘Prozac’.

I love the feeling of safety when you wrap your arms around me. The way my arms don’t fully reach around your muscular chest always  gets my heart rate up. I love the feel of your hand running through my hair as you brush it away from my face right before you bless me with the gift of one of your kisses. You keep me alive, sane. I’ve never felt so wonderful.


Hooked? You can read the rest of this story at my deviantART account. Please let me know what you think! I’ve been contemplating doing more pieces similar to this.


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