A Writer's Objectives

Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!! As promised, this week I am sharing six sentences from my novel-in-progress, Dark Blood. These sentences are from a scene where three of the characters have stumbled upon a group of bandits and have decided to get their loot from them in order to return the goods to their rightful owners.


“Let us begin this bloodbath before they notice their lack of guard.”

Julian edged closer to the perimeter of the bushes where he could see the group they were targeting better. He counted few more than a dozen lying around their rest area or going through the items they had stolen only hours before. He knew Zuri and Gavan were probably doing the same thing from wherever they had stationed themselves. Could the three of them take this many? The way Gavan and Zuri both moved, back when they met the smaller group, caused him to feel more confident in their ability, though hesitation still resided somewhere within him.


Thank you for joining me today! I didn’t make my post in time to be ‘official’, but you should still check out other Six Sentence Sunday posts!


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