A Writer's Objectives


Sorry this post is so much later than usual. I lost track of my day.

Today I am sharing a poem based off from a lifestyle portrayed in one of my favorite shows; Supernatural. If you are familiar with the show, you will know that the profession I speak of is being a Hunter. A Hunter is someone who dedicates their lives to finding and killing the things that go bump in the night while doing their best to protect people from all they bad they don’t realize is there.



Those things you feared when you were young:
The monster under the bed, or in the closet
The wolfman on the movie your big brother watched
Or the vampires your sister wanted to be just like.
They’re real.
I know where they hide, what their habits are
I know what the next step of their game will be.
Tracking them comes with ease
Killing them fills me with a thrill.
They are monsters.
Horrors of the night.
And I…
I am their nightmare.
Rest well in your bed and fear not the things
that haunt the night.
I will be your protector, your savior.
And when you realize that those cravings for meat
Raw, juicy meat
Are more than they seem
I will be your Judge, Jury and Exectutioner.
I am a Hunter.
And to the ghosties and ghoulies,
I am the thing that goes bump in the night.


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