A Writer's Objectives

Fast Fiction Friday

It’s Fast Fiction Friday!!

Today’s TripleF is a little shorter than usual (and less fictional than usual), but I like it.


It started because you were jealous; your best friend had one and you wanted to know what it was like. You stood in the store, staring at all the choices. The colors and sizes almost overwhelmed you. You started asking yourself questions that you had a dozen different answers to. Could you choose just one? Were you ready to have more than one, or should you just see how you like having one, first? How did your friend keep track of all the different ones she had accumulated over the years?

At last you decide on six different ones. They’re all different sizes, shapes and colors, but you think they will work well together. A strange giddiness fills you as the woman at the register hands you the bag with your bounty inside.

Once home, you add them to their new home one-by-one. Each one takes a minute or two to settle in, but soon the tank is alive with color and motion. You are a fish owner, you realize with a smile.

Now… let’s see how long you can keep them alive…




I ask that if you join me for Fast Fiction Fridays, you share with me. In the comment section, post the link to wherever your piece of writing can be found(deviantART, writing forums, your own blog, etc.) If you do not have anywhere online to post the writing, you are welcome to either use the comment section to place your story, or email me at: FantasieAutor@gmail.com with either an attachment or the story as the body of the email.


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