A Writer's Objectives

The Banshee

First off: Sorry for no post yesterday! I was massively busy all day and by the time I had time to post, it was midnight.

Today is another excerpt day. I decided to share a little from another of my novels-in-progress: Dark Blood. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll have seen various excerpts on characters from Dark Blood. The piece today is taken from a scene that I wrote several years ago. It no longer fits into the story, but I love the way it was written and wanted to share some of that. So, enjoy and let me know what you think!


Over the sound of the howling wind another sound began. It made goose pimples form on every inch of his skin and by the increase in Zuri’s shaking he knew whatever she was afraid of was close. Within seconds it became so loud the sound of the wind was drown out by the keening, screeching cry that penetrated the soul and shot through the heart like an arrow coated in ice.

By the time the sound became so unbearable that Gavan was convinced the sound itself might kill him before whatever the source was reached them, a glowing gray light encased the ring around them. The cry stopped suddenly, making the howl of the wind seem like a whisper. Gavan and Zuri searched worriedly around them for their attacker, the gray light growing brighter, almost blinding. Gavan reached for his daggers but Zuri’s hand on his chest stopped him. She gazed into his eyes with nothing but scorching fear and shook her head.

“They won’t help.” She said, and somehow, even though she hadn’t yelled it, he heard her as clear as day. Before he could ask why the cry began again, this time even louder. Gavan winced and covered his ears with his hands but found it did no good. He dropped them back to his sides and stared in awe over Zuri’s head. Zuri turned to follow his gaze and he just barely heard her yelp over the cry.

There, directly across from them inside the ring stood… no, hovered a woman cloaked in gray, black and white. At least, he thought it was a woman. Her mouth was open as though she was screaming, but the sound was coming from all around them. What was this thing? Suddenly the woman in gray rose into the air and swooped down upon Gavan and Zuri. Upon instinct, Gavan wrapped his arms around the cowering Zuri and turned them so his back was to the woman and his body protected Zuri as well as he could then dropped both of them to the ground.

All was silent. Were they dead? Gavan lifted his head and gazed around them. The debris ring was on the ground. The woman had vanished and the trees above them parted to shine the full moon’s light upon them. He looked down at the woman shaking in his arms and frowned. He gently pushed her away from his body and lifted her chin so she looked at him. Fear still filled her eyes and she was still shaking but it wasn’t as bad as it had been.

“Are you alright?” He whispered, receiving a nod in response. He gulped slightly and gazed around them. Their bags lie several feet away from them, just inside the ring. He looked back to Zuri and was glad to see her starting to look more like herself, but in the same moment regretted it for some reason. “What was that?” He asked as he helped her stand. He waited a few moments as she looked around them and took a few deep breaths.

“A banshee.” She muttered, looking into his eyes again. “A warning.” Without further explanation she tore out of his grip and ran over to the bags, grabbing her two and then looking back at him. “We need to get out of here. Now.”


Thanks for reading my Monday excerpt! I hope you enjoyed it! And please, be respectful; this is a piece of my writing, so don’t try to claim it as your own.


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