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Fast Fiction Friday

Welcome to Fast Fiction Friday! What is Fast Fiction Friday, you ask? Well, it’s a day where I post a piece of Fast Fiction (100-300 words) and then ask my readers to join me! Someday, this will be an epidemic and I’ll need a whole other site for it. But until then, I’ll host it from my blog.

Today I’ve got a fun little piece about a man who is VERY paranoid. Or is he? (300 words exactly today!)


There was a quiet knock at the door. Glancing at the clock, he stood and walked with near-silence to the door. As he pressed his eye to the peep-hole, he held his breath so the person on the other side of the door wouldn’t hear him. He was glad he had taken such precautions.

On the other side of the door stood a man in a black suit. Just from the way the man stood, he knew he was in trouble. He backed away from the door, his breath coming back in short, panicked gasps that he did he best to overcome. Panicking would get him killed. He couldn’t panic; not until he knew he was safe.

He rushed around the house, gathering up his bags. He always kept a couple packed for situations such as this; one of food and one of clothes. He threw his jacket on, the weight of the weapons he kept in the pockets a solid form of security as it bumped against his thigh. The bags went over one shoulder, keeping a hand free to grab the weapons.

He glanced back at the door as there was a second, louder and more insistent knock. Smirking to himself, he walked to the closet in his bedroom and opened the door. A quick tap on the wall and he heard the latch unlock. He bent down, lifted a section of the floor free and dropped inside the hole he’d revealed. He pulled the door closed over his head, then hit the switch to his left, sealing the entrance and making it impossible to notice.

The sound of his front door being smashed in echoed down to him. He grinned and kept walking; he imagined the looks on their faces when they realized they’d lost him. Again.


I ask that if you join me for Fast Fiction Fridays, you share with me. In the comment section, post the link to wherever your piece of writing can be found(deviantART, writing forums, your own blog, etc.) If you do not have anywhere online to post the writing, you are welcome to either use the comment section to place your story, or email me at: FantasieAutor@gmail.com with either an attachment or the story as the body of the email.


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  1. Sounds like a great idea. maybe I’ll join in next Friday.

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