A Writer's Objectives

Thursday Thirteen

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these! Since this is my ‘coming back to blogging’ week, I figured I would make a list of the thirteen things I missed most about blogging while I was on hiatus.

I missed:

1.) Having something to write every day

2.) Waking up with an idea for the day’s post and being able to write it

3.) The sense of community among bloggers

4.)  Sharing my thoughts/experiences and getting feedback/other peoples’ thoughts/experiences in return

5.) Exploring other blogs and getting to know the people behind them

6.) Fast Fiction Fridays (I really missed these!)

7.) Thursday Thirteen (Probably one of the only things I did a few posts of while on hiatus)

8.) Sharing some writing and getting fantastic feedback

9.) The feeling that knowing  ‘People look forward to my posts’ brings me

10.) All the crazy fun things I can do with my blog

11.)  The warm fuzzy feeling when someone faves a post, uses a writing prompt or joins me for Fast Fiction Fridays

12.) Being able to have a few ‘venting’ posts and knowing that people understand

13.) Blogging in general; just gives me a sense of satisfaction.


There’s my Thirteen for this week! Make sure to check out the Thursday13 site for more amazing blogs that participate!!


Comments on: "Thursday Thirteen" (10)

  1. Welcome back to blogging. I hope you have a great year with it.

  2. Blogging gives structure to my life. It also provides a writer’s filing cabinet for me, as well as a writer’s petrie dish!

  3. Those are good reasons. It’s funny in blogging, one key blogger quit and gradually the node around the person starts to fade out. Good to be in an active node.

  4. Welcome back to the blogosphere! May all your comments be happy ones.

  5. I was on a Hiatus once. At least I think it was a Hiatus. The driver said it was, anyway. Eventually, though, the floorboards wore out and we had to paddle back across open air to solid ground. It was really scary. Hiatus. I love the sound of that, even to this very day. Hiatus, Hiatus, Hiaaaaaaaaatus!!!! Wheeeeeeee!!!!!

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