A Writer's Objectives

Thursday Thirteen

This week my thirteen is about the holiday season! It’s getting close, so I figured I should do something pertaining to it. This is another love/hate type list.


1.) Walking into every store and hearing Christmas music (love/hate… depends on the songs they play)

2.) Making Gingerbread houses with friends (love)

3.) Christmas Specials; Frosty, Rudolph, Grinch, A Christmas Carol (love)

4.) Seeing friends and family more often (love)

5.) Cheesy, blow up decorations on peoples’ lawns (hate)

6.) Mistletoe (hate… I hate having to kiss people just because I stood under a plant)

7.) Baked goods. So many more this time of year. (love/hate… depends on if I am making them or not)

8.) Random acts of kindness everywhere (love)

9.) Peppermint everything (love)

10.) Evergreen scented everything (love)

11.) Lots of green things (love)

12.) Santa everywhere (hate)

13.) More people willing to help those who need an extra hand (love)


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Comments on: "Thursday Thirteen" (2)

  1. Good list. Number 13 is my favorite currently. It’s great to get help-those small acts of kindness when you’re hurting.


  2. nice list – my favorite thing about the holidays is finding the perfect gift for someone – doesn’t happen very often but when it does I love the smiles (this year I got tickets to see Cake Boss in person with a meet and greet after the show – my niece and nephew adore him and watch his tv show almost every day – they are going to be so excited to see him in person and to actually get to shake hands with him and hopefully he will sign their books – I got them each one of his cookbooks too).

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