A Writer's Objectives

Thursday Thirteen

I’m back in action, so here is another Thursday13!!

Nothing exciting this week. Just another To-Do list….


1.)  Writing: Fanfiction short story requests (8 by Christmas)

2.) Reorganize/Rearrange my room (Too cold with bed under window….)

3.) Writing: Work on Dark Blood

4.) Clean the fish tanks

5.) Move baby fish to bigger tanks

6.) Essay for class (Due Monday at Midnight, so it will be started Monday at 10pm)

7.) Get deviantART group organized better

8.) Pay landlord some of what I owe him

9.) Pay Aunt the money I owe her

10.) Pay best friend what I owe her

11.) Spend lots of time with other best friend this weekend

12.) Bake something yummy

13.) Try to stop worrying about everything so much.


Thanks for checking out my 13! For more, go to the the Thursday13 site and see what others have posted!


Comments on: "Thursday Thirteen" (2)

  1. I get the feeling some of these will be easier to do than others.

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