A Writer's Objectives

Not a Zombie

Hey everyone! I know, SUPER late in the day (night) to be posting a blog entry. I’ve gotta get back into the habit of daily posts, so please forgive me if I forget a few in the first couple of weeks.

As you may have noticed from yesterday, I have returned. My sinus infection-bronchitis combo is slowly going away and I am feeling SO much better and have confirmed that I am not a zombie, even if I feel like one still on occasion. I was concerned for a little while there…

I will be getting back to my daily posts, in the same basic schedule as they had been (though some Sundays may lack a six and only have some ramblings). As I stated a few sentences ago, however, I may forget to post now and again until I get back into the swing of things. I’ve had this blog on semi-hold or hold for almost a month now, so getting back into the habit of posting daily may take a little while.

So, tell me what I’ve missed! How is everyone? How was everyone’s holiday (if you celebrated)? Anything new in the blogger universe that I missed out on? Update me! I’ve been so lonely and out of the loop because of this illness. 😦


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