A Writer's Objectives

The Sound That Darkness Makes

It’s Monday! Time for me to share something of mine. I’ve decided to share a poem I wrote a little over a year ago. It was inspired by a manuscript of poetry I was reading for a job I had at the time (at a poetry press). It’s a little macabre, but the reason is because I misread a line of one of the poems I was reviewing and then this poem came to life in my mind. The style of the poem is modeled off from the style the author I was reviewing used.


I always wondered

about that sound;

the bump from beyond
the reach of light.

The shuffle of
feet with no

body. The hiss
of fabric not seen.

There’s a growl,
from a beast

that I know
can’t possibly

be real. And
the thud of a body

falling where no one
will find it. I have

always wondered
about that sound.

The sound that
darkness makes.


You can find the original version of this poem here. Thanks for checking it out!


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