A Writer's Objectives

Thursday Thirteen

This week my thirteen is about being sick… because I’m still sick and couldn’t think of anything else.

Thirteen things I love or hate about being sick:


1.) Having the sniffles constantly (hate)

2.) Being able to catch up on my reading (love)

3.) Sore, itchy throat (hate)

4.) Drinking lots of tea (love)

5.) Cuddling with the cats in bed (love)

6.) Sneezing a lot more than usual (hate)

7.) Falling asleep at random points in the day (love/hate)

8.) Drinking more water (love)

9.) Eating more toast and less ‘real’ food (hate)

10.) No energy to do useful things (love/hate)

11.) Nose gets raw from blowing it so much (hate)

12.) One cough leads to a ten minute fit of coughing (hate)

13.) Staying in bed most of the time (love)


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Comments on: "Thursday Thirteen" (7)

  1. Sorry you’ve been sick. I wish my cats would cuddle with me when I’m not feeling well!

    I can never stay in bed when I’m sick, though. That’s the price of having kids…

  2. I’ve been sick too since last week. hope we both feel better soon!

  3. There’s nothing worse than a sore nose and tissues that feel like sandpaper. Get well soon! I am a little envious about the extra reading time though…

  4. hope you feel better soon! happy thurs 13

  5. Oh, sorry to hear you’re under the weather, but I love your idea of love and hate items. Hope you feel better soon.


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