A Writer's Objectives

Fast Fiction Friday

It’s time for another Triple F entry! This week is about the twin brothers in my novel, Julian and Teige, who have their first encounter with the Corruption.


The world around him seemed muted, too quiet for the area or time of year. No birds were singing, no squirrels chattered from nearby trees. Even the sound of the horses’ hooves seemed softer. Glancing to his brother, he saw that Julian seemed to be noticing the same thing. Something wasn’t right.

The sun was just beginning to set.Ahead, the road would turn and the setting sun would be directly in front of them. Seeing would be difficult for several minutes before the road again turned and put the sun to their sides. Teige slowed his mount a little more and nodded when Julian did the same. The town they were heading to was around the second turn. Once they reached it, they would be safe fromany possible danger.

The setting sun filled their vision for several seconds before the road turned the second time. Not being ambushed was a surprise to both brothers, but Teige could tell that the silence still bothered his brother more than anything. What bothered him the most was the ever-growing smell of smoke that was filling the air.

As they rounded the corner, the town came into view. Houses were burned to the ground, or charred so badly it was clear they were unlivable. Smoke still filled the air, and the sense of wrongness seemed even stronger now. Julian pulled his mount to a stop and Teige followed suit. From they sat, they couldn’t hear anything but they could see people milling about the streets, passing each other as though they didn’t even see each other. Any normal activity, such as attempts to salvage possessions from the burnt homes, was absent.

Julian shook his head and silently, without alerting a soul of their presence, they left the town and it’s wrongness in their wake.



This piece was more of a teaser than anything… next week will be a little more interesting. 🙂


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