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I’m very frustrated with my novel, right now. I had the group of characters organized, had everything set in stone and just needed to tweak a few things here and there. Or so I thought.

This morning, while thinking about what I needed to get done on the novel, a new character decided to pop into my mind and say hello. This would be a problem if he planned to make himself part of the story in the chapters I have yet to write, but no. He has decided he wants to become part of the story starting near the beginning of the damn story. I now have to rework everything from his point of entry on so that he fits into things.

It’s really frustrating to think that I have a story mostly figured out and then it throws me for a loop or tosses a wrench in the gears. I’ve had this happen several times in the last few weeks and it is making me very unhappy with the characters. While everything makes sense and makes parts of the story make even more sense, I still hate it. I have to rework everything now… it’s like I’m rewriting it…. AGAIN. I’ve already rewritten this story twice. I guess a third time won’t kill me. But that doesn’t mean I’m not annoyed with it all.

In the last few weeks, characters have either decided to show me who they really are, tell me about what terrible things they did/will do or have randomly formed and tossed themselves into the plot. Had I just started this novel, I might be okay with it. But I’ve been working on this novel for 9 years (on and off, writing and rewriting, etc.). You’d think all of this stuff would have come to me before I wrote 29 chapters….

I guess this is the end of my rant. Maybe I will share the introduction to this new character next Monday (excerpt day). We’ll see what happens.


Comments on: "Frustrations" (4)

  1. Characters tend to be very oppositional. The thing is, sometimes they seem to know better than us mere human authors!

  2. I’m not much of a writer (ok I’m not) but what if you just slowly worked in his past into the unwritten chapters? Maybe have the reader learn about him as the chapters go on?

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