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Six Sentence Sunday

First of all, I am so sorry that I didn’t post an entry yesterday. I had company and got distracted and by the time I realized I’d forgotten to post it was midnight. I’ll make it up to you on Tuesday with an extra fun post.

Today is Sunday, so that means it is Six Sentence Sunday. Sticking with my Halloween theme, today’s six are from a scary short story I wrote a few years ago. Personally, I’m not a fan of this particular story, but it’s scary and that’s all that matters for today.


The night was reminiscent of a horror story; fog so thick one could barely see three feet ahead of them. An eerie silence spread over the land and the faint glow of the moon forcing its way through the fog cast strange shadows about the land.

Winter was almost upon them, and such a thing would bring the horror story he imagined this night to life.

Winter always brought with it something far worse than the freezing nights and many layers of snow.

Everyone knew that the first snowfall would end with more crimson on the ground than white.

But he’d heard this sound before; it was a sound that haunted his every nightmare.


There’s my six for this week. You can read the full story here. This week, once again, I failed to make my six ‘official’, but still make sure to go to the Six Sentence Sunday site and check out other peoples entries!


Comments on: "Six Sentence Sunday" (4)

  1. *smile* catchy tactic…”Six Sentences” of your novel. I like it!

    • It’s actually just a short story. And the idea isn’t my own. There is a link to the site that started/hosts Six Sentence Sunday at the bottom of the post 🙂

  2. Cool. I like the idea of SSS, and this was a good snippet!

    • Thanks! SSS is not my idea. I like to make sure people realize that. The site that hosts/created SSS is linked at the bottom of every one of my SSS posts. Check it out sometime 🙂

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