A Writer's Objectives

Fast Fiction Friday

It’s Friday, which means it is time for TripleF! Yay!


You trudge up another long, winding path. Your destination is in clear view, and anticipation floods your senses. Your body aches, your left arm is growing more tired the later it gets. Your skin itches from your clothes rubbing against it. Your face itches from the make-up your mom insisted would look great. But it is all worth it. It’s always worth it.

At last, the portal is only a couple feet in front of you. It opens before you get the chance to press that magical button  that makes it open. The keeper of the most precious treasure of all time smiles from the portal, light from their dwelling shining out and filling the too-dark, chilly night with warmth. You thrust your burden towards them and force a smile.




I ask that if you join me for Fast Fiction Fridays, you share with me. In the comment section, post the link to wherever your piece of writing can be found(deviantART, writing forums, your own blog, etc.) If you do not have anywhere online to post the writing, you are welcome to either use the comment section to place your story, or email me at: FantasieAutor@gmail.com with either an attachment or the story as the body of the email. 


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