A Writer's Objectives

Six Sentence Sunday

For the next week, until November 1st, I’ve planned every post to be related to Halloween/Samhain or fall in general. Sticking with that theme, this week’s Six Sentence Sunday is taken from short story I wrote a while back about a typical paranormal investigation gone wrong. The story, Beyond the Veil, was written when I was up late one night watching the show ‘Ghost Hunters’. I hope that you will check out the whole story on deviantART.


Sometimes, by provoking a spirit, they could coerce them into giving some sign of their existence.

“Shh,” Jared held up the hand with the flashlight, scowling as she strained to listen. He could have sworn he’d heard a footstep just outside the ring of light created by their flashlights.

He felt like he’d been wrapped in a cocoon of ice and, although he could breathe again, he didn’t dare move.

Sharp pain bloomed on his back, followed closely by an identical pain on his left arm. He dared not make any sign that it had caused him discomfort and simply closed his eyes against the burning that now began to spread around the areas the pain had hit.



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