A Writer's Objectives

Fast Fiction Friday

Fast fiction Friday time!! This week’s piece is an idea I’ve had in my mind for a very long time, but never knew what to use it for. So glad I finally found a use for it!

Remember, a TripleF story is anywhere between 100 and 300 words. I welcome all types of writers to join me!


They smelled so sweet. He wanted to take their scent and wrap it around himself so he could forever carry it with him. It was a strange thought for a man such as himself to wish to carry the scent of roses with him, but it’d been so long since he’d smelled them. It reminded him of home, of his mother, of his love.

He forced himself away from the fragrant beauty of his past. He’d promised to return someday, but so many years later? Surely they’d all moved on with their lives. His love had probably found another, someone who could be there and care for her the way she deserved.

A sigh escaped him as he strolled back through the garden. He wondered how long he’d been gone. Perhaps they’d left without him? No, he wouldn’t be so lucky. He rounded the final corner of the labyrinth of a garden he’d wandered so deeply into. Oh, what he would give to hide there until those he traveled with were gone.

“Joshtin, there you are!” He looked away from the ground to see a young woman with long curly blond hair. He sighed a final time and forced a smile as she grew closer. “We’ve been looking all over for you. Where were you?”

“I went for a stroll in the garden. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it would cause such a stir.” She shook her head and smiled.

“‘Tis nothing. We were simply worried.” The woman reached out and clasped his arm gently but firmly. “Come, let us join the others so we may find the Inn we are to stay in for the night.”

Eyes cast down, he allowed himself be led away from the garden with a muttered “Yes, Mistress.”


I ask that if you join me for Fast Fiction Fridays, you share with me. In the comment section, post the link to wherever your piece of writing can be found(deviantART, writing forums, your own blog, etc.) If you do not have anywhere online to post the writing, you are welcome to either use the comment section to place your story, or email me at: FantasieAutor@gmail.com with either an attachment or the story as the body of the email. 


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