A Writer's Objectives

Thursday Thirteen

It’s Thursday! So, of course, that means it is time for another Thursday Thirteen post. This week I am posting a list of things I need to get done pertaining to my writing.There’s a lot more than thirteen, but these are the most important things.


1.) Halloween short story request

2.) Doctor Who short story request

3.) Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack the Monkey short story request

4.) Supernatural Jo Harvell short story request

5.) 3 non fiction pieces

6.) 3 poems

7.) Edit what I have of Dark Blood

8.) Finish Dark Blood

9.) Start second book in Dark Blood‘s series

10.) Teen LGBT short story

11.) Work on Chronicled Sangra (hopefully get at least one more chapter done)

12.) Possibly start on Escaping To Shadows again…?

13.) Figure out what to do with The Granite Empire.


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Comments on: "Thursday Thirteen" (4)

  1. Wow… How long have you given yourself to get this all done? Good luck!
    Hope you stop by and check out my Thursday 13 entry.

    • I’ve given myself two weeks for the short stories. The novel stuff is whenever I can get it done. The non-fiction and the poetry is whenever I decide to write it. lol

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