A Writer's Objectives

Fun Facts 2.0

On Saturday I began a list of fun facts about writers. I abandoned it rather suddenly because my best friend from home (I rarely get to see her) stopped in for a visit. I promised that I would continue with the list today. First, I apologize for such a late post; I usually try to post my entries before noon. Today has been a very lazy day and I’ve been watching episodes from the first season of Legend of the Seeker. But, as promised, I will continue my list of facts.

This list is ‘facts’ that I have discovered on my own either by witnessing them, or by random things I find in my many voyages through the internet. These are not facts that you will find any type of ‘proof’ for if you search for them, and if there is proof I am unaware of it (which wouldn’t be all that surprising…) What I mean to say is, these are my own thoughts and creations and have not undergone any sort of scientific study or been scrutinized by a large group of ‘professionals’. They are just for fun. If you disagree with any of them, I would love to hear what you have to say. If you agree with any of them, feel free to comment too. Or, if you have some of your own to add, do that too!


  • Ever heard of, or even played the game Dungeons and Dragons? A lot of players are also fantastic writers. DnD is a great way for a writer to get a character (and their story) out of their head in a way that doesn’t require starting up yet another story. Don’t believe me? Give it a try! (I recommend version 3.5)
  • While every writer is their own person and has their own style, a close look at their work will reveal who their influencing authors are. I personally find that my style of writing changes depending on the book I am reading. It’s all my own work, but the influence is still there.
  • Some writers can make stories out of almost anything. Ever sit and watch a cat and wonder what they were thinking? Or look at your dad’s old jacket and think ‘The things that jacket has seen…’ Well there are people out there who would think those things, then instantly turn them into a story.
  • Get a group of writers in one room and, no matter what the topic, it will always turn to what they are writing currently.
  • Not all great writers are poets or fiction writers. Some of the best writers I know show their talent through essays, speeches, screen-plays and non-fiction.
  • Every published author had one or more people in their lives tell them they wouldn’t make it. That their writing would never get published, or become popular. If you’re trying to get published, don’t listen to those people. But keep them in mind; it’ll be fun to send them a copy of you published work with a note that says “Eat it.”
I really thought I had more than this… Oh well. I gave you a total of ten ‘facts’ between Saturday’s post and today. As I said earlier, any comments or added facts you have feel free to leave them! And thanks for reading!

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