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Soul Searching

It’s Monday, and that means it is time for an excerpt. I’ve given in to the requests from friends and decided to share a piece from my Supernatural fanfiction. This particular excerpt is from the first half of the first chapter. Or, episode, as I call them. I really try not to mix my fanfiction with my original writing, but seeing as this story takes up a good portion of my time, I figured I’d share it anyway.


Her sister frowned at her as she adjusted the white shirt she’d worn under her black vest. The black pin-stripe dress pants were topped with a matching fedora, Caden’s blond hair flowing over her shoulders and down her back. With a nod to each other, they started walking into the building. As they reached the doors, two men emerged through them. Ry glanced at them briefly, Caden watching them suspiciously; she was suspicious of everyone. As the door clanged closed behind them Caden groaned.

“We’re posing as High School students, and he was looking at us like that?” She huffed. “Pig.” With a small chuckle, Ry led the way to the gymnasiam where all the signs indicated the memorial service to be.

“Welcome,” A girl in a tight black, strapless dress greeted them at the door. Her blond dreads tickled her shoulders, a silver pentacle charm hanging from one. “I haven’t seen you around school, so I’m assuming you must be more friends of Nate’s from Ohio?” Ry stood to the side of the door, keeping them as well as the rest of the room in her view.

“Yes.” She nodded. “My name is Auryon. This is my sister Caden. We lived on the same street as Nate back in Ohio.” She frowned. “He was always playing street hockey with the other neighborhood boys.” She turned her head slightly, letting a perfectly timed tear fall down her cheek. Caden wrapped a comforting arm around Ry’s shoulders as the girl frowned at her.

“Nate’s family didn’t come back to Ohio, and this was the closest thing to a funeral we could find.” She said softly. “We needed some form of closure, at least.” The girl nodded in understanding.

“Yes, of course. My name is Julia, by the way. We’re just trying to mingle, share memories of Nate, and find support in numbers. It’s always a difficult thing.” Julia turned to welcome the next mourners. Dismissed, the sisters slipped away and began wandering around, stopping now and then to mingle with people, listen to stories about Nate, and find out what they could for information on the incident.

“So he gave no signs?” Caden asked one of Nate’s hockey team mates. “Didn’t seem unhappy, mention disliking any part of his life?”

“That’s the weird thing,” the burly teen shifted his weight. “He was always happy. About everything. This was so sudden. No one would have ever guessed.”


“Sounds like a typical suicide to me.” Ry said from the backseat as she pulled her jeans on. Caden was driving them to a local diner so they could get food and talk over what they learned. Ry couldn’t deal with a dress even the short time from the High School to the diner.

“No, but after the other things we learned, it is at least worth looking into.” Caden glanced in the rear-view at her sister. “Isn’t that my bra?”


“I still say it doesn’t sound like one of our jobs. I mean, we should still look into it due to the history of the house.” She took a bite of mashed potatoes. “But I feel like this is just one of those…”

“Typical suicides?” Caden scoffed and took the last bite of her steak, shaking he head. “Dad’s sounded typical too. But we know better. We at least owe the memory of this boy, and the other four that died in that house, a chance to find peace. If there is something in that house, causing teen boys to do this… it may very well be keeping their souls there as well.”



The breaks in the writing are to indicate a new scene. As I said, I hesitate to share fanfiction, but one time can’t hurt. If your curious, or happen to be a Supernatural fan, take a look at the whole story. The rest of this ‘episode’ can be found here. But you are always welcome to check out the whole series. While I have a disclaimer at the end of every episode, I’m not going to put one here. I am aware, however, that I do not own Supernatural or it’s characters. šŸ™‚

As always, thanks for taking time to read. Tomorrow is another Wild Card day, and I intend to pick up where I left off on Saturday with the fun facts about writers. Hope you join me!


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