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Six Sentence Sunday

I have, yet again, failed to make my post an ‘official’ Triple S. But, I at least have something to share with you lot today! I apologize that it isn’t more from Dark Blood. Maybe I’ll pick that up again next week. But, this week, I have a piece that I wrote as a request from a friend. She wanted to know how a ‘real vampire’ might react to the Twilight books. It was, indeed, a fun piece to write. You can find the entire story here.


He supposed everyone was entitled to their different and creative take on what his kind was like, or any kind of being that humans often categorized as ‘monsters’ and ‘beasts’. But this was something he couldn’t begin to understand. With all the lore that had been leaked out for humans to read about, with all the other novels published that portrayed them, where would one even get the slightest inkling that any of their kind would survive on animals and call themselves vegetarians just so they weren’t hated by humans, or themselves? Where did any description of one of his kind stepping into direct sunlight describe sparkling rather than the cruel burning of flesh and occasional combustion? And when had any of his kind ‘loved’ a human so much they stood in their room and watched them sleep just to feel closer to them?

Adrine had asked for a return letter, and she would receive one, no doubt, but first…


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