A Writer's Objectives

Thursday Thirteen

For this week, I had planned to do another autumn related list. However, my life took a complete turn on me over the weekend so, instead, this week’s list is things I want to get done over the next week or so…


1.) Get in touch with people at my school and get financial aid stuff settled.

2.) Get in touch with landlord; explain situation, promise him money soon…

3.) Get in touch with Tri-County.

4.) Find a new doctor before Nov. 1st

5.) Ask around downtown about jobs… again.

6.) Get groceries (food is getting really low).

7.) Start working through plans for Spring.

8.) Figure out how to get phone back.

9.) Get some actual writing done (New novel, Dark Blood, Short story, anything!).

10.) Figure out why Word Press isn’t connecting to Facebook anymore.

11.) Find some way to disappear for a few days.

12.) Clean room/apartment.

13.) Try not to panic or worry too much.


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