A Writer's Objectives


When I was growing up, I loved all the seasons equally; spring meant mud pies, summer meant swimming, fall meant hunting and fishing with my dad and winter meant snowy adventures with my ever trusty sidekick (and pet dog) Foxy. Then, I hit my teens, and I hated every season except summer. Summer meant warm, hot, sweaty days where I didn’t have to worry about school or getting too cold.  I hate being cold, and until the end of spring, every season except summer is cold. This was my attitude up until about a year ago. I’ve come to enjoy fall almost as much as summer. I hate that it gets colder, that it means my least favorite season is growing ever closer, but at the same time I love the excuse to dress warm, wear warmer shoes, drink/eat hot foods more often. I love the change in nature it brings, the beauty everywhere I look. I’ve come to call the changes in everything I do this time of year ‘Falling’. Even my writing changes in the fall.

It’s quite interesting the way ones writing sometimes changes with the season. In the winter, there is more snow in our stories. In the spring, more births, growth. In the summer more excitement and fun, mystery. In the fall, more apple cinder, fairs, and leaves falling from the trees, experiencing a slow and painful death that we, the watchers, see as a beautiful occurrence. No matter the season, it influences us writers more than we realize. Go ahead, take a look at the stuff you wrote this summer. I bet there are pool parties, warm, sunny days. Then look at what you have done since fall began. I bet there are cooler, crisper days. Apples galore. Leaves of gold, orange, red and yellow. And the stuff you write in the winter, I bet there will be snowmen made, snowball fights had and mugs of hot chocolate. Or maybe, you write opposite? Perhaps in the winter you write of summer, and in the summer, you write of winter? Tell me about it 🙂


I’ve had a suggestion to do more Fall oriented and Holiday oriented posts on my Tuesday and Saturday entries. I’m all for this, but I need other suggestions, too! So, please, leave me a comment with some suggestions of what you would like to see on my Wild Card days. I have a few things lined up, but more suggestions from the people who actually read this blog would be fantastic.

I’m really looking for topics I can turn into full-blown discussions (styles of writing, types of characters, etc.) but also fun things, such as the Holiday/Seasonal topic. So, anything you can think of that is either related to writing or not, is a welcome suggestion for my WC days.


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