A Writer's Objectives

Six Sentence Sunday

This week is another peek at Dark Blood. Today I’m sharing a scene with my main character, who happens to be one of my favorite characters ever. Zuri Dukri has lived on the run from a terrible, viscous man since she was 14. And now, almost fifteen years later, that man is starting to catch up to her.


“Why did he send you? After all these years, what causes him to find me now?” she kept her voice low so Gavan wouldn’t hear her words.

“He lost track of you,” the man said, voice strained against her weight and the pain. She saw a trickle of blood slide down his neck and sneered, pressing the blade even harder against his throat. A gurgling sound erupted from between his lips and he grinned again, though the hint of pain behind the gesture was obvious.


Thanks for reading! Check out other Six Sentence Sunday posts! (I didn’t manage to make mine ‘official’ this week, but oh well.)


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