A Writer's Objectives

Yesterday as I checked my blog for comments and the like, I discovered that I indeed had a new comment. Thinking it would be about yesterday’s blog post, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the post was actually a nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award. Joy (thank you so much, Joy!!!)  informed me that she had chosen my blog, and included a link to her own. I was  shocked.

Me? An award? Huh?


So there are apparently rules to this whole ordeal. Three, in fact.

First thank the person who shared the award with you! Just link their blog in your post about the award, as I did above. You can also thank them with a comment, but make sure to include a link to their blog in your post. (Check).

Second, share the award with 15 blogs or bloggers that you think deserve it. (Fifteen… I think I have that many saved in my favorites!)

Third, list seven things about yourself. (Oh, this is going to be fun…)


Seven things about me…

1. I have conversations with my two, beautiful, black cats. They actually respond. I’m not sure if this means I’m insane, or that they are extremely intelligent.

2. Occasionally, I have arguments with my characters. This usually results in scenes in stories that I don’t really know where they came from but are far better than any of the crap around them.

3. Music is almost as important to me as writing.

4. My closest friends are the siblings I never had. Without them, I think my head would have exploded ages ago.

5. I put my everything into anything I become part of. It doesn’t have to be just writing. School projects, friendships, relationships, and even the fandom of television shows (Supernatural) or books/series (Harry Potter).

6. When I say I am doing homework, this usually means the page to the assignment is open but so is Facebook, deviantART, WordPress and three or four other pages.

7. I get the most joy out of curling up under the covers at night, cuddling with my cats, and losing myself in the pages of a book until I fall asleep.


Now I get to list the fifteen bloggers I chose! These are fifteen blogs that I have found to be particularly helpful, alluring, fun, silly, or creative. My favorite blogs since I have started blogging (which is technically three years now, but we’ll pretend my past blogs never existed). Anyhow! Here are the fifteen blogs/bloggers I chose!

1. Jo Ramsey

2. Becoming Ms. Terrill

3. Accidentally Delicious

4. The Otherworld Diner

5. Cate Masters

6. A Piece of My Mind

7. Xakara

8. Scrambled, Not Fried

9. ~ dt. haase~

10. Sweet Memes

11. Blue Country Magic

12. A Different Point of View

13. Ibeati

14. One Gal’s Musings

15. A Travelling Girl 


So, now that you’ve been nominated, guess what you get to do? That’s right! Pass it along. And then follow the same three rules that I had to: Thank the person who nominated you, Write seven things about yourself and list (nominate) 15 of your favorites blogs/bloggers. Have fun!


Comments on: "The Versatile Blogger Award" (3)

  1. thank you so much for the nomination!

  2. Thanks for nominating me for the versatile blogger award! How exciting!


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