A Writer's Objectives

A Whole lot of Nothing

It’s Tuesday! Which means it is a  Wild Card day. I think I’ve been doing really well at having something interesting to discuss on most WC days, but these last couple have really been a struggle to come up with ideas. My brain has a whole lot of nothing going on when it comes the the writing aspect of things.

So! I guess what I need from you is what you would like to see as topics on my WC days. I’ve talked about procrastination, ‘fodder’ and rainy days in the past. But what type of things would you like to see? Are there aspects to writing you’d like to see the opinion of another writer on? Are there certain character types you would like to see touched on? What do you, my readers, want to see more of on WC days on this blog?

Just leave me a comment on here with your suggestion(s) and I will add them to my list of topics. See, I do have some things I could write about, but the list is short. I figure getting some more ideas, from the people who might actually read this, would be beneficial.

So, don’t be afraid to flood me with ideas, people! The longer the list becomes, the more I will have for future Tuesday and Saturday WC posts!


Comments on: "A Whole lot of Nothing" (1)

  1. Near future – the holidays are getting close.

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