A Writer's Objectives


Today’s post is another poem. I wrote this one last June after watching a movie on the Hallmark channel. This poem is in no way related to myself or any relationship I have been in. It’s just a poem triggered by a movie. I find it to be one of my better poems, strange as the circumstances for it becoming may be.


Who’d you wake up with this morning?

Were her eyes starry and blue?

Did you come up with your excuses,

While she was putting on her shoes?

Did you regret the choice you made,

While you washed up in the shower?

Did you know just what you’d say,

When I came home in an hour?

Did you feel an ounce of guilt,

As you lied straight to my face?

Did you begin to sweat?

Did your heart begin to race?

Could you see the horror in my eyes,

As I saw the stain on the sheets?

Did you care about my broken heart,

As I began to weep?

Would you know just what to do,

As I sat crying on the floor?

Or were your thoughts lost in memories?

When you made her scream for more?

Who’d you wake up with this morning?

Did her body make yours stir?

Did you ever think of me once,

While you were making love to her?


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