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Six Sentence Sunday

This week I am sharing some more sentences from my novel, Dark Blood. This time around, the sentences are through the point of view of one of the protagonists. Gavan is one of my more complicated characters. His moods change far more often than the other characters in the story. Not to mention, his past haunts him constantly.



Gavan was on his knees, holding his brother in his arms.

His hand lashed out as someone touched his shoulders.

He quickly unclenched his fist and watched in horror as Zuri gasped for air, staring at him as though he were a stranger.

He’d had his hand wrapped around her throat, an attempt to kill a ghost of his past, only moments ago and yet she was asking him senseless questions.

It’d never been like that; even in the prison they’d locked him in after the event.

 Zuri Dukri was afraid of something and all he could hope for was that it wasn’t, in any way, him.

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Comments on: "Six Sentence Sunday" (4)

  1. I always like really emotional characters, especially guys. It’s just fun to read and that’s certainly the case here, though I’m sure Zuri is a bit frightened of him if he’s lashing out at ghosts that turn out to be people who are right there with him!

    • Gavan is such a complicated character in my head, and on paper (screen). He and Zuri have a complicated friendship that might possible stem from a previous romance between the two. When his past starts haunting him and he begins lashing out at her, she starts to pull away and it is clear in later scenes that he is bothered by it.

      I love emotional male characters, and I don’t have nearly enough. I think this is why Gavan is one of my favorites 🙂

  2. Randi Alexander said:

    Fascinating six, Raina!

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