A Writer's Objectives

There are holes in the world

This weeks prompt is a fun one:


Every television program on every channel has been cancelled so the latest news can be broadcast all day. Apparently, there are giant holes appearing all over the world.

Explain: Why/how this is happening, what people are doing around the world in response to this, or what is happening whenever one of the holes appears. (You can write through the point of view of someone trying to watch television, someone broadcasting the news, or even one of the scientists working on the phenomenon.)



I ask that, if anyone chooses to use these prompts, they share them with me. In the comment section, post the link to wherever your piece of writing can be found(deviantART, writing forums, your own blog, etc.) If you do not have anywhere online to post the writing, you are welcome to either use the comment section to place your story, or email me at: FantasieAutor@gmail.com with either an attachment or the story as the body of the email.


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