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Fast Fiction Friday

In celebration of the premiere of one of my favorite shows, today’s triple F is a bit of a fan fiction piece for Supernatural. To avoid any spoilers, however, I have not made this piece related to any particular season or event from the show.


Dean set down his empty coffee mug and glanced around the crowded diner. Any one of the people filling the place could be the one they were looking for. A quick glance across the table to his brother told him that Sam was thinking the same thing.

“What about a trap?” Sam asked suddenly, causing Dean to quirk a brow. “It couldn’t hurt. And it would make things a little easier.”

“What happened last time we sat a trap for something?” Dean grumbled and Sam flinched at the heat behind those words, absently rubbing the arm he’d nearly loss. Nearly being the operative word there. As much of a pain as he could be, Sam was his baby brother and Dean would do anything to keep him safe. Had done close to anything not very long ago.

Shaking away thoughts that need not be worried about at the moment, Dean stood. Sam only hesitated a moment, tossing some money on the table for the waitress, before he stood and then followed Dean out of the diner and to the car.

Dean ran his hand lovingly along the hood of his 1967 Impala, a small smile forming as he did, then turned to face his brother. “What did you have in mind?” He asked, noting the look of surprise that fled over his brother’s features.

“Bait.” He said, not looking at Dean.

Frowning, Dean nodded. “Right. Bait. And you’re thinking we use…?”

“Well,” Sam cleared his throat. “Me.”

Dean groaned. Why did he even bother to ask?


Oh and just to avoid any nasty little lawsuits:  I claim no ownership to the characters used in this short story. Sam and Dean Winchester are the creations of and belong solely to Eric Kripke and the CW.


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