A Writer's Objectives

That’s Such a Cliche!

This week’s writing prompt is a fun and creative way to get those juices flowing.

Pick a cliche, any cliche, and make it the first line of your piece. This can be a poem or a short story, it doesn’t matter as long as the cliche you choose is the first line.

A friend and I did this. It was fun, and I highly suggest all of you try it out!


As always, if you choose to do this prompt, please share with me! You can comment on this post with the link to where I can find your story/poem, use the comment box to paste the piece in, or (if you feel comfortable with it) send me an email at: FantasieAutor@gmail.com with the link, or have the story/poem be the body of the email. I would love to read anything that my prompts trigger 🙂


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