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Poem- Mirror

Rather than an excerpt from a story I have written, today I decided to share a poem. This is one I wrote about my dad/myself. My dad passed away in May of 2007 suddenly, and a lot of my poems and sometimes short stories will reference him or the situation. It is something I’ve learned to deal with through my writing, which has turned out to be more than a little therapeutic. My birthday is this week, and I tend to miss him more around birthdays and holidays. This is one of my favorite poems I have written related to that situation.

I saw your face today

You were younger

But you still looked so sad

Your eyes filled with sorrow

Your mouth turned into frown,

I wanted to comfort you

To hug you

To let you know it was okay

I reached for you

And only felt cold glass

Your eyes closed as the tears fell

I felt the cool trails on my cheeks

My heart clenched

As I looked back at you

A deeper gaze showed the truth

I see myself.

Only a reflection of you.


Comments on: "Poem- Mirror" (2)

  1. very touching and emotional, its lovely that you can still see him in you.

    • Thank you 🙂 I look very much like my dad, despite being a girl haha. When I was younger pictures of me next to pictures of his were almost impossible to tell apart. As I get older, I see a lot more of my mother in my features, but I will always look more like him. It makes me feel like he is still with me 🙂

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