A Writer's Objectives

Six Sentence Sunday

This week’s Six Sentence Sunday entry is from a novel I am attempting to re-write and doing a terrible job at (I only have 2 chapters done and it’s been six months since I started writing it again). The name of this ‘novel’ is Chronicled Sangra.

With a shaking hand she turned the page of the ancient tome before her.

Adrine reached out and tapped the glass tassels of her desk lamp, watching them swing to and fro as she ran the night’s events through her mind.

Her former lover, the reason for her Making, had never shown fear before. This single Hunter instilled such a thing in him, and Nikolas was offering shelter from her for them.

She was a fool to turn down such protection.

The hands still held her, but she knew them, she clung to them like the lifeline they were.


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