A Writer's Objectives

Fast Fiction Friday #3

This weeks Fast Fiction Friday piece is inspired by an image I found on DeviantArt. I encourage everyone to write your own Fast Fiction Friday piece (300 words or less) and share it!


Eyes like emeralds and flesh like snow. Hair a flowing cascade of crisp citrus orange. She watches your restless nights. Feels when a nightmare strikes at your heart, clutches at your mind. A song splits her juicy red lips and fills the night with music so sweet, not even the darkest of demons dare interrupt. Such melodies roll from her tongue, entwine themselves in your mind, that your nightmares find something they fear. They flee, and you are left alone in the darkness, cradled in the arms of the purest maiden, and warmed by a blanket woven from her song.

As the sun begins to rise, her song fades slowly, until it is but a mere whisper on the morning breeze. The dew that clings to the window, to flowers just outside, reflect the color of emeralds and citrus.

Stirring from a slumber so peaceful you can’t remember a time you felt so rested, there is only a single clue from your visitor. The crisp scent of oranges fill your senses and you find, beside you on the pillow, a perfect slice from the purest orange you’ve ever seen. It sparkles like a jewel in the sunlight, and as you wonder where it came from, the urge to taste it fills you. And as the sweet juice rolls over your tongue and down your throat, a soft melody seems to come from everywhere and nowhere at once, a melody from your dreams.

Or, at least, you think it was a dream.


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