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Thursday Thirteen

I will participating in Thursday 13 every week. Or, at least, every week that I can think of thirteen things to put in a list. This weeks post is:

Thirteen Television I am currently watching/re-watching:

1.) House (Rewatching- Season 1 of 7)

2.) Tru Calling ย (Season 1 of 2)

3.) Dark Angel (Season 2 of 2)

4.) Doctor Who (current)

5.) Torchwood (Series 2 of 4)

6.) Legend of the Seeker (Rewatching- Season 1 of 2)

7.) Supernatural (Season 6, soon to be current with Season 7)

8.) Bones (Starting soon)

9.) Sparticus (Starting soon)

10.) Six Feet Under (Starting soon)

11.) Deadliest Warrior (current)

12.) Destination Truth (Last season followed by current)

13.) Ghost Hunters (current)


Comments on: "Thursday Thirteen" (11)

  1. Let me tell you how excited I am for Bones, even though I am actually sort of annoyed with the direction in which things are going.

  2. Think I could get some of these on Netflix?

  3. I still need to pick up Season 6 of Supernatural. I own the first 5 and I had 6 on our DVR but it died and we got a new box, so no rewatching for me. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’ll snag it next week!

    Enjoy your shows! I love so many of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy T13,

    My Week

  4. This looks like a pretty cool idea. It would at least give me one thing to post each week if I can think of anything else. I went to the site you linked but can’t find the themes.

  5. […] following links around the web starting with the Thursday 13 link from Write Your Soul, I found a meme called the Monday Movie Meme. Once i figure out how to add a track back to them I […]

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