A Writer's Objectives

When Darkness Falls- Jo Ramsey

Did you ever feel like you were no one important? Like you were the weird one, the one that wasn’t worth anyone’s time?

That’s how Blake Walker feels. For most of his life, he has kept to himself, afraid to let anyone find out about the psychic abilities he’s had since he was little. Those abilities led to his birth mother beating him and then turning him over to the foster care system when he was five. Fortunately, Blake was adopted by Laura Walker, his first foster mother. For the past nine years, he’s done everything he can to keep her from finding out about the things he can do.

He doesn’t want anyone at school to know either, so he tries not to talk to anyone there. Which just confirms his classmates’ opinion that he’s weird. Blake pretends he doesn’t care, but it hurts to be picked on.

Then Blake’s life changes. He learns that Faith Carlisle, a new girl at school, also has psychic abilities. And she likes Blake. Eli Tyler, one of the popular kids in Blake’s class, has abilities too. Together the three of them confront a force of darkness that has taken over an old shack in their town. When that force takes Faith through a portal into its world, bent on destroying her to harvest her life force, Blake must fight it to get her back.

Blake Walker may not be most people’s idea of a hero, but that’s what he becomes by choosing to fight the force of darkness instead of just letting it continue to take people. He’s the latest person to be pulled into the universal war between light and darkness, just like Topher James, who has a connection with Blake that neither of them knows about at first.

Blake is the main character of my novel When Darkness Falls, book two in my young adult urban fantasy series The Dark Lines. The official release date is this Thursday, September 15, but the book is already available for order at http://jupitergardens.com/The-Dark-Lines-Book-2-When-Darkness-Falls-print.html. You can find The Black Bridge, the first book in the series (and the one that introduces Topher James) at http://jupitergardens.com/The-Black-Bridge-by-Jo-Ramsey-PRINT.html.

Thanks, Raina, for letting me stop by!


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