A Writer's Objectives

Captain Karmen

Here’s a little snippet from an old pirate story I wrote. It’s kind of a fanfiction, but not entirely. The main character Karmen Digeo, is Jack Sparrow’s half sister. That and the few little pieces I mention anything related to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, are the only things that make it a fanfiction. For the most part, it has nothing to do with the movies. I often wish I never connected Jack with this story. Oh well.


The waves crashed against the side of the ship and rocked it harshly from side to side. I watched the crew scramble like rats as rain poured in sheets, tying the guns down that had torn lose and rolled across the deck. The helmsman called to me, but I ignored him. It was more fun watching Leon, my first mate, getting rolled over by the gun he was trying to wrangle. I imagined it rolling over him and watching his head explode into a thousand and one pieces. A slow smile curved the corners of my mouth.

“Captain! I need your help!” I scowled and looked away from where Leon was now tying the cannon  down. “Captain, please!”

“Oh, alright.” I turned and rushed to the helm where my helmsman, Jason, was struggling. Shoving him out of the way with my hip, I grabbed the helm and fought with it until I was once again in control of my ship. “Secure the lines on the starboard side!” I barked as I saw lines snapping like twigs. Several members of my meager crew ran, as well as they could with the storm tossing us around like a drunken wench, to secure the lines while I worked to steer the damn ship away from the rocks.

“Captain,” I glanced at the man that had appeared beside me and sneered. Why he was part of my crew was a mystery to me, except perhaps that he was an amazing cook. “The crew is too divided. We need ’em on the riggin’. Forget the guns fer now. Give me permission to round ’em up and focus on the riggin’-”

“The crew has their orders,” I snarled as I forced the wheel to do as I bid. “You have yer order too. See to them.” Von growled at me, he literally growled as though he were some wild creature, then stormed off to help the rest of the crew. I readied myself for a long night of fighting the great force that was Mother Nature.

As the sun rose over the horizon the realization of how much damage the storm inflicted upon The Intimidator became all too evident. Half a dozen men were lost to the sea’s fury, taking their place in Davy Jones’ Locker. Three more were critically injured. We had eventually thrown a few barrels of cargo overboard to lighten the load a bit, however it didn’t seem to make much difference. Upon inspection I discovered that we’d also lost three out of eight guns during the storm along with some gun powder and, god forbid, some rum.


*A special note: Tomorrow’s post will not be by me. I am going to have a guest blogger! Actually, it is the wonderful Jo Ramsey, talking about her new Young Adult novel that comes out Thursday!


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