A Writer's Objectives

Here is my Friday post: a short story 300 words or less. Feel free to join in, share your own Fast Fiction Friday pieces. Just add the link or the story itself into the comments.



She wasn’t sure how it had gotten there. Well, she had a feeling someone had to have left it, but she couldn’t even begin to imagine who that might be. She stared down at her porch, and it stared back up at her.

She’d heard of this happening to people before, though she had thought that it really only happened in movies. Things like this always happened to people in the movies. She’d often wished it would happen to her, but never had she imagined this. How would anyone even know what she wanted? She glanced over it briefly and let a small smile form.

She supposed she should bring it inside.

With a sigh, she bent down and lifted it as much as she could and dragged the corpse into her house. At least she’d have someone to talk to now.


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