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Six Sentence Sunday

Due to the influence of Jo Ramsey, and a few other author/blogger types, I’ve decided to try out Six Sentence Sunday.  This means that every Sunday I will be posting six sentences from one of my pieces of writing. It could be a short story, a creative non-fiction piece, or one of my novels. The sentences may or may not have anything to do with one another, it will always depend on my mood that specific Sunday.

Well I suppose I should begin! Following are six random sentences from a novel I am working on with a good friend called The Granite Empire:

The whip cracked loudly, soon followed by the tell-tale sting on his back.

She glowered down at him, her orange eyes appraising him in the way they always did; as a badly disciplined beast that needed to be punished.

“How many times,” her voice, breathy and seductive as always, sounded a mix between Heaven and Hell, “must I punish you for your insolence, Arash?”

The Diacon were a race feared by all others.

“Are you attempting to poison me?” The soft spoken Diacon lifted Arash’s chin and glared into his face.



Comments on: "Six Sentence Sunday" (2)

  1. Great idea! I am going to try something similar on my blog, thank you for the inspiration – even tho now I want to read more of your work! I love paranormal romance. That what it is, right?

  2. Six Sentence Sunday is actually something a lot of bloggers do. You can read other entries by clicking the link in my entry.

    It actually is not a paranormal romance, even if it seems like it. The Diacons are a very sexy race, but that is about it. I do write paranormal romance, however and believe I have a link somewhere on my blog that will lead you to said writing 🙂

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