A Writer's Objectives

Fast Fiction Fridays

I was trying to think of some fun thing that would help my blog become more entertaining and less like it is now. I realized that I was going to be participating in Six Sentence Sunday, and (due to the advice of Jo Ramsey) Thursday 13. So, sticking with the theme of alliteration, I decided that I wanted to do something on Fridays. Hence the birth of ‘Fast Fiction Fridays’.

Every Friday I will post a short story (300 words or less) as my blog entry. I welcome and encourage anyone who is reading this blog to do the same! Write your own entry for Fast Fiction Fridays and post them in your blogs, then post the link to your entry in the comment section of my own Friday post. If you don’t have a blog to post from, but you wish to participate, I encourage you to simply post your story in the comments section!

To start off Fast Fiction Fridays, I’ve whipped a short piece together. Here it is! Enjoy, join me, and share!


I rolled out of the way just before a large rock landed exactly where my head had just been. Scrambling to my feet, I turned, eyes drifting over the shadow ridden cliff-edges that currently surrounded me. Someone was up there, somewhere, and they apparently had thought me well and truly asleep. I glanced at my bedroll with its boulder addition, and then back to the cliff edges. Whoever it was, they didn’t know me well enough to realize their tactics were beyond useless.

I dropped my gaze from the cliffs and closed my eyes. I would hear any movement on the dry, red rock surrounding me, so I wasn’t worried about being ambushed. Letting the air out of my lungs in a slow hiss, I gathered the energy around me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as much as I would get were I surrounded by life, but rocks had an energy of their own. It was enough, at least, for what I needed.

With a deep inhale, I drew the energy inside, coaxing it further than I usually needed it to go. I held my breath and let that energy rest, mingle with my own energy, as I formed an image in my mind. As all the pieces came together, I slowly let the energy unravel from where it roiled deep inside; a storm, waiting for release.

I stepped away from the spot I had been standing in, and was pleased with the result. Standing where I had been, was me. A perfect duplicate. I knew the real me was completely invisible to anyone that might be watching. And they were.

I suppose being a Mage had its advantages after all.


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