A Writer's Objectives

Finding Your Niche

I talk to a lot of people who write, and I’ve found that a lot of them still don’t know what type of writing they excel in. Even if they have been writing for years, they just can’t decide on what they are best at. And I’m not talking the genre. I’m not talking point of view. I’m talking the little things that every author does in their writing that sets them apart from others.

For example, I find I do well with describing a scene and making it sound completely different than what it really is. I have a short story based on Vlad the Impaler, and for a good portion of the story it sounds as though a Lord is dining with his guests in his beautiful garden. It isn’t until later on when the reader slowly begins getting hints that something is off, then suddenly the garden is an expanse of stakes with bodies freshly impaled upon them. (To read, click here) I have several short stories or scenes within my novels that have a similar style.

Many writers aren’t aware just yet of their strongest points. And there isn’t always just one. I’m aware I have a few, but I find the one I mentioned to be the most fun. I note all of the little things that find in the books I read that set the author apart from every other author I’ve read. And I’ve read a lot.

Do you know where you excel with your writing? What sets you apart from other writers?


Comments on: "Finding Your Niche" (6)

  1. well it is certainly not my tyoing!

  2. These are tough questions! I think I excel most at poetry. As far as what sets me apart…probably my self-disciplinarian-ism. I’m tough on myself.

    • I think it is a rule for writers to be hard on themselves. But especially with poets. It’s great that you can recognize that you hard on yourself and you see that as more positive than negative.

      I write poetry as well, but I am more about novels and novellas. I also have a habit of VERY long fanfictions (I have one that is 100 chapters long, which equals to over 1000 pages in word.) My short stories are usually no shorter than 5 pages, too. I guess that is something else that sets me apart; I don’t do ‘short’ very well 😀

  3. I don’t write a lot of short stories and I have never finished a novel. But when I do I tend to focus a lot on the internal world of the characters. I want to make my readers feel what it is the character is experiencing at that very moment in time. I find that in that way my poetry and my prose intersect a lot.

  4. Ramesh Mahananda said:

    Sorry Ms,prior to this comment I addressed u young man.But now came to know u r a sweet damsel.Anyways, I think it’ll be an aver memorable mistake for me.

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